How Much Do Plumbers Cost in Milton Keynes?

3 August 2020

As soon as you have the need for any plumbing project, the cost is going to be one of the first considerations.

Many Milton Keynes locals are under the mistaken belief that just getting a plumber to walk through your door for any leak and burst pipe repair costs well over a hundred pounds, but that’s not always the case.
In truth, the cost of plumbers for appliance installation, for immersion heaters, gas boiler repairs or even and different plumbing projects varies greatly.
For small jobs such as tap repairs, leak and burst pipe repairs, you can expect plumbers to charge anywhere from £15 an hour depending on which part of the city you live. Indeed basic jobs like fitting a kitchen tap, replacing a toilet float valve, fitting a basin tap or fixing a simple leakage could cost you a total of about £50 to £75.
If you have larger jobs that require repairs with multiple parts or running new pipework over significant area such as in the installation of a new shower, sink or tub you could expect to pay much more, anywhere from £1000. It’s also important to know that highly recommended plumbers typically charge more for major work such as renovations and fairly priced additions typically cost more in older homes than they do in newer areas springing up at the peripherals of the city.
Milton Keynes plumber
Options for payments are generally available with most local engineers or plumbers offering to come to the property and discuss the nitty gritty of the job before a quote.
This is typical for larger jobs. The other popular option used by the rapid response plumbers is a block of services with set prices and which are typically for smaller jobs such as unblocking toilets and repairing leaking taps.
However, if components of the equipment to be installed require ordering or the materials to be used require ordering, deposits of up to 50% of the cost may be added.

Additional costs may also be incurred where the plumber sees the need to bring in more labour to finish a job at the quality required. Of course, the plumber would normally inform you, the client, of the costs way in advance just like they do when you book for services outside their normal working hours such as weekends and public holidays.


When there are repairs that require new major parts to be installed such as a new bathtub or shower or sink, always make sure you get the receipt for the part.
Milton Keynes warranty
Sometimes plumbers will buy their parts in bulk and so they won’t be able to provide a single receipt as one receipt caters for all the itemized parts.
Still, it is prudent to ask that the manufacturer’s name, address and phone number is printed on your bill so that you can contact them in case there’s a problem. Also make sure that you always get a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty, even if the plumber has already given you a copy of their own warranty.
Getting a plumber may seem like an intimidating task, and you might automatically think that once you call one, you’re going to be out thousands of pounds. But in truth, neither of those things is true.
Finding a great plumber that will be there for both the big jobs and the small jobs can be pretty easy if you’re willing to do your homework.
You can also find an honest plumber that will be able to provide you with quality work at a reasonable price, even if it’s not always the cheapest there is on the block. In the end, the time you spend finding a good plumber will save you a lot of headaches down the road, and a lot of money too.
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