From Start to Finish: What to Expect From the Invisalign Process

13 November 2021

From Start to Finish: What to Expect From the Invisalign Process


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Considering getting Invisalign to fix your smile? Here’s everything you need to learn about the Invisalign process, from start to end!

Over 1.4 million grownups see a dental professional each year to align their smiles.

Adult orthodontic treatment used to be unusual, now a growing number of individuals are recognizing how simple it is to align jagged teeth or misaligned teeth at any age. Invisalign is clear and simple, and that is why it continues to grow in popularity.

If you’re thinking of getting straighter teeth as an adult, Invisalign might be the option. This short article responses common concerns about the process, to help you decide whether it might be best treatment plan for you.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners is an ingenious teeth-straightening method. Metal braces are cosmetically unwanted, and take a lot of upkeep.

These clear aligners overcome these snags: clear removable trays help align teeth without obvious metal brackets with sharp edges in your mouth.

You step through a series of trays during your treatment to bring your teeth back into positioning. The trays are molded to your distinct mouth shape, so they’re comfy to wear all day, every day.

The Invisalign Process in 5 Steps

Knowing what to anticipate when you pick to have Invisalign will help you to decide if it’s the ideal route for you. In just 5 actions, and some time, you’ll have a gorgeous smile in no time!

1. Your Initial Appointment

At your very first consultation, your dental expert will study your mouth and talk to you about your cosmetic dentistry desires. Your dental expert will tell you if Invisalign is a treatment you must consider. Some individuals may not be suitable for this type of teeth alignment procedure.

If that’s the case with you, your dental expert will talk through your other options. If you are a candidate for Invisalign, you will talk about treatment protocol and estimated treatment length.

2. Molding Process

The next action is the digital molding procedure. This may take place at the first consultation with your dental practitioner, or a different one, depending upon your schedule.

Digital scan, photos, and x-rays create a precise model of your mouth and teeth. These are sent out to the Invisalign laboratory for your custom aligner trays to be developed.

3. Fitting the First Tray

When your Invisalign trays are all set, it’s time to return for your pick-up. Your dental professional may fit little accessories on your teeth to assist the trays remain in location. These buttons are clear, nearly unnoticeable, pain-free to install, and momentary. After, Your dental professional will check if your aligners fit, and With your trays fitted, and your aftercare program clearly explained, you’re ready to go!


Your Follow-Up Appointments

A couple of weeks after your first tray is fitted, it’s time to go back to the dentist. Your dental practitioner will check your tooth motions, and tray fit.

A series of Invisalign trays make up the entire procedure. Unlike metal braces, you will not need to return for regular visits with Invisalign. Rather, you can return regularly to inspect your development. You won’t require to see the dental practitioner each time you change to a brand-new aligner. If your treatment is not progressing as planned, you may need a brand-new digital scan to buy an extra set of aligners.

5. Straighter Teeth!

After a period of time, your teeth will have straightened out. The final results constantly depend on the severity of misalignment to begin with, but if used as recommended, you are guaranteed to have straighter teeth gradually.

Typical Questions About Invisalign

Now you understand what to expect throughout the process of straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you most likely have a few more concerns.

Here are the most typical concerns asked about Invisalign to assist you make the best decision for your own requirements.

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Invisalign does not injured during any of the molding, fitting, or using stages. It may feel uneasy when you initially use the trays, but this disappears after about a day.

Accessories on your teeth do not harmed, either. You won’t need an injection to have them fitted, and they’re quickly gotten rid of when your teeth are lastly directly.

How Do I Clean My Teeth with Invisalign?

The fantastic thing about Invisalign is that you can remove the trays whenever you require to. It’s encouraged you keep them on throughout the day, every day for at least 22 hours however it’s completely great (and expected!) to take them out to brush your teeth.

Simply pop the trays out and brush your teeth as regular.

Clean your trays with cold water, and put them back in when you’re done.

For how long Does an Average Invisalign Case Take to Work?

Everyone has a specific experience with Invisalign, and the treatment times will differ.

It all depends upon how extreme your teeth misalignment is to start with. It likewise depends on your compliance -the longer you use the trays the faster it works. Adolescents may see faster outcomes than adults due to their continuing development.

We always suggest that a longer-term retainer to be used at night to stop teeth from ending up being uneven once again.

Can You See Invisalign Braces?

You can see the aligners and the tooth colored Invisalign accessories when you’re up close to somebody using them, but it’s still difficult to spot. You won’t have metal ‘train tracks’ or obvious accessories on your teeth, like conventional braces.

If you wish to ensure nobody can see your Invisalign for a special event, you can take them out. This isn’t advised, however, as it could slow your development.

What About Kissing?

They won’t obstruct of kissing! The trays sit so close to your teeth, in a custom fit, that you will not discover them.

It may feel a bit weird the very first time you kiss when you’re wearing your trays, however that’ll quickly go away.

Can I Play Sport Wearing Invisalign?

Invisalign is designed to align your teeth, not secure them in sports scenarios. If you’re playing a sport that typically needs a mouth guard, secure your Invisalign trays, and wear a correct guard for the duration of the game.

Taking your aligners out for a few hours at a time will not affect your total progress. Just remember to put them back in after your activity is done to continue your development.

Discover If Invisalign Is Right for You

Now that you know what to get out of the Invisalign process, it needs to seem like a less complicated procedure. You’re bound to have a lot more questions about it, though. Everyone does! Your dental professional will be able to respond to any questions about your suitability for Invisalign and your own personal circumstances.

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